Ryan F. Johnson was born and raised in Detroit Michigan, and is a graduate of Southern Methodist University Theatre department.  He recently starred in the Off Broadway play Black Angels of Tuskegee.  He is now preparing to return to school for his Masters at New York University majoring in Educational Theatre.  Ryan thinks of acting and life going hand and hand. He states, “you live through the eyes of the character and use the experiences of life to tell the story.”

Roberto C. Chavez is a Pace University student, a history major, a poet and an aspiring educator. He is a self-proclaimed nerd and a theatre geek. Roberto was a member of the CAT Youth Theatre for four years and is currently the secretary of Stonewall Coalition at Pace. He draws inspiration from famous poets and those around him. He identifies as a confessionalist, or a confessional poet. Roberto is an Ecuadorian-American who is fond of the labels Latin and gringo. He is very honored to be a part of Undocumented and grateful to Kat Chua, David Mitnowsky, and the cast and crew for their support and guidance. Of course, he would like to thank his family and his peers. Roberto’s middle name is Carlos, in case one is curious.

Madelene DeLeon was raised in Sunnyside, Queens where she was always surrounded by cultural influences from around the world. From eating kimbap to curry and dancing salsa to large circle dances. Her diverse cultural background has always influenced her artistic and theatrical endeavors. Madelene has a Bachelors Degree in theater from SUNY New Paltz. She is a member of Ollin Imagination where they use theater, dance and music to promote social justice, educate and inspire. She is honored to be working on the show Undocumented.

Dorcas Evelene Davis is an award-winning, critically acclaimed playwright and performer.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, Dorcas has acted, directed, produced and written numerous plays and films.Productions include Anima (2006 NYC Fringe Festival); Limericks from an Undisclosed Location, The Colored Museum (ER Prod.) and …Young Lady from Rwanda.   Dorcas has performed her successful one-woman play, Unwritten throughout NY including at the legendary Symphony Space in NYC.   She was crowned the first IFNY Monologue Slam Champion.  She is also the founder of the multi-cultural entertainment, theater and educational company, SmilingDown Productions. Through SmilingDown’s offering of community acting classes, Dorcas has had the opportunity to bring her passion and love of performance to generations of people. Keep a look out for upcoming projects! As a professional performer, she is strengthened by the support of her loving family and friends.

Charlotte MacDougall is a dancer and actress from Brooklyn, New York.  She is currently enrolled at Cynthia King Dance Studio, where she has performed in four recitals.   Entering the second grade at Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Charlotte participates in all school theatrical events.  A painter and photographer, Charlotte also enjoys reading, building a virtual world in Sims 3, fine dining (especially sushi), Barbies, the Museum of Modern Art, Coney Island beach and amusement park, and Build-A-Bear Workshop.  She is an avid supporter and season ticket holder of local professional soccer team Red Bull New York, enjoys the music of George Michael and the art of Rex Ray.

Sahar Muradi is a writer and performer living in New York City. By day she writes copy, by night she writes copiously. She is co-editor of One Story, Thirty Stories: An Anthology of Contemporary Afghan American Literature. Sahar’s debt history includes an MPA in international development, a BA in creative writing and a handful of acting classes over the last couple of years. Sahar would like to dedicate this performance to her dear friend, Tamim Wazeri, taken in handcuffs.

Temesgen Tocruray is a proud graduate of Texas Southern University. His recent works include “Five For Freetown” (Ryans Daughter), “I Scream Out Loud” (Downtown Urban Theatre Festival), “Black Boy and the War” (Movement Theatre Company), and “By Hands Unknown” (NY Fringe Festival). He would like to dedicate his performance to all the “DREAMERS” and supporters of the Dream Act.

Priscilla Flores is a native New Yorker who studied at CUNY/Hunter College majoring in Theatre and Psychology. She has performed in various off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions such as The Fake History of George the Last (Grandpa George) at Theater for the New City. Tomando Cafe for the Bronx Hispanic Festival and Theater for the New City, Brunch at the Luthers (Harlot Sierra O’tool) at Theater for the New City, Bread & Puppet’s Divine Reality Comedy (Ensemble) at Theater for the New City, Evangeline  (Ms. Jeannie / Puppeteer) at the Brick Theater for NYC Fringe Festival, Othello (Othello) and Midsummer Night’s Dream (Puck) at The Frederick Loewe Theater,   Hamlet (Players) at TheatreRow, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told (Rabbi Sharon/Ensemble) at The Producers Club, and Woyzeck (Margaret) at The Kaye Playhouse. Off-stage Priscilla works with the City University of New York/Creative Arts Team as an Actor-Teacher, who uses interactive theatre as an instrument to bring about awareness and inspire positive change.


David Mitnowsky (Director) recently directed The Life And Brain Of Albert Einstein at the 42nd Street Theater, Life’s A Mystery at the Kraine Theater and A Year With Frog And Toad at the Cider Mill Playhouse. Other directing projects include Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, Waiting For Lefty, Luther And Albatross and The Wizard Of Oz. Favorite acting roles include Seymour in Little Shop Of Horrors, Ben in The Sunshine Boys, Eddie in Runaways and Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead. Last summer he performed at the Hampton’s Classic Kid’s Day in Bridgehampton NY as Cowboy Dave. David is a member of Unboxed Voices where he is forced to write and perform original monologues and short stories under the helm of Katherine Chua. He would like to thank the actors in the show for their hard work and his friends Kat and Lexy for all of their help with this production.

Lexy Nistico (Assistant Director) finds her passion in using the arts to challenge the way people view the world. She has written and directed pieces presenting issues in the HIV community as well as domestic violence and child abuse survivors. She is excited to be assistant directing a show that continues to use theatre to create awareness and change to better society.

Nick van der Grinten (Multimedia Designer) was born in England and has lived in New York for the past 25 years. Originally he was trained and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator, but was pleased when technology allowed design to move. He has been working in video and motion graphic design for more than 15 years. His clients include fashion designers, publishers, ad agencies and not-for-profit groups. He provides them with a wide variety of work – from broadcast, marketing, special events and large multi-screen installations, to pieces for internet and one-on-one presentations. 

Melanie Paterson (Costume (Fearicles) Designer) is currently studying Art at The Cooper Union. She has work and performed with Chthonic Theater, Hive Mind Theater, and Daniel Fay studios

  1. Mian Usama says:

    Roberto now i am your fan 🙂

  2. Roberto C. Chavez says:

    Love me despite the many times I cry.
    Wrapped up in salty seas.
    I cannot swim.
    Choking on thick gooey insecurity and vulnerability.
    Love me even when I fail.
    Because of requirements
    Rejected from jobs, internships, and scholarships.
    Disappointed and confused I may turn to you.
    Hold me until it makes sense and it may never make sense.
    Hatred and sadness clouds the mirror when I shower.
    Fog consuming me.
    Hiding my true self behind curtains of fear.
    Fear I created. Fear I was raised in.
    Identities that aren’t my own.
    Skin rough cold texture pushing you away.
    But please, don’t go away.
    Love me even when the boxes on my applications are empty.
    Missing from my life like the opportunities I could not receive.
    Gone with the wind are my childhood memories.
    Innocence that won’t come back.
    Gone with the wind is a piece of me.
    Leaving behind
    Empty social security number boxes
    Empty resident status
    Empty alien number
    Empty visa type
    Like the way I feel before entering the dream world,
    the nightmare world
    questioning the value of my existence.
    Love me even when I can’t take you out or treat you,
    To something better than this shit-hole.
    Lacking both types of green papers.
    Green card that is suppose to define me
    unite me
    with the ones who oppress me.
    Green dollar bills that are suppose to define me
    unite me
    with the ones who oppress me.
    Love me despite my calloused blood-pumping muscle.
    Burned and thirsty from crossing into the land of the new.
    Land of the free and home to the brave
    I am brave.
    So why not free?
    Bruised, oppressed skin from suffocating struggling to keep going.
    Trying to hold on tight, but my hands…
    can’t grip onto watery-liquidy amor
    Love me even when the government and media tell you not to.
    Falsely represented and hated by many.
    These feelings aren’t illegal or alien-like.
    The way our hands meet and lips caress is a universal international language.
    Sweat running down my hands, nervously touching your heart.
    Burning down each fence and border wall around my heart.
    Fearlessly screaming “te amo!” drowning down the evil pumping in my ears.
    Breathing life and joy into a country where nothing seems right.
    But this, is.
    Glowing into darkness like fireflies lighting the way, that’s what love does.
    Minutemen gunning down children
    and border patrol deporting families
    but this will still remain,
    they can’t take it away.
    Love me regardless of my mistakes and see me past my status.
    Blinded by documents that do not exist.
    See beyond my foreign face and notice the potential bursting within like Independence Day fireworks,
    during a holiday I cannot celebrate.
    Realize that all I am and all I will be isn’t solely identified by numbers
    but more than one body can withstand
    let me share with you, the little I have.
    Love me even when I do not love myself.
    Constant struggle
    Constant reminder that I do not belong that I am not wanted.
    But I do.
    And I will belong where I want to be.
    Loving you past your papers,
    whether they exist or not.
    Evil papers that cut and sear our souls,
    discriminate us but never controls,
    segregates us but never silences.
    Endless understanding and patience.
    I don’t have answers.
    I don’t know what the future holds.
    But right now,
    It’s me and you.
    Crappy pasts, unpleasant presents and uncertain futures
    Through it all
    I’ll love you too.

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