“Kat Chua’s new play, “Undocumented,” is beautiful and touching, frightening and funny-and at its heart it is  courageous, defiant; what is most powerful about it is its raw honesty, its subtle and not so subtle warnings about  the consequences of injustice and discrimination and- of course- mostly- it is about struggle;  the struggle for human rights and human dignity-the struggle for both spiritual and legal validation. It is a play about the Dream Act—and at that same time it is about the act of dreaming, of  loving and being loved;  of continually struggling for what we believe in– ultimately, it is about all of our dreams.”

Mitch Levenberg, Writer and author of Principles of Uncertainty and Other Constants.

“Undocumented” is a must see production. The stories we live through characters changed my perspective, while considering the contemporary values of our country. The time has come: The DREAM Act must be rescued from that dismal political closet to get the attention it deserves!”

Sasha O. Johnston, Sarah Lawrence University

“It really did teach us all so much about a subject we rarely considered before.”

Carole T., Retired NYC Public School Teacher

“Brilliant, thought provoking, multifaceted.  Offered a number of perspectives on a complex issue namely immigrant status in the United States.  Get your tickets before it sells out.”

Andrew McConnachie, Transcendentalist or simply English teacher

“I’m still thinking about the show today and looking at foreigners differently.”

Jeff Rindler, Director of the Volunteer, Work and Wellness Center at GMHC

“The “immigration debate” in the media generally ignores the real human beings under discussion. “Undocumented” presents us with some of these real people: undocumented youths who have lived here since childhood and now face a devastating rejection by the society they grew up in. Anyone who still thinks in categories like “illegal alien” should see this powerful one-act play to find out how “illegal” and “alien” these young people really are.”

David L. Wilson, co-author, with Jane Guskin, of The Politics of Immigration: Questions & Answers

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