Video for First Production

Katherine Chua is a multidiscipline storyteller. She uses the mediums of writing, art, and theatre to capture moments and make them live forever. Born in the Philippines, she was brought to New York City at the age of eight. The foundation of her humor and curiosity is founded in the teachings and tales of her grandparents, Lolo Robert, Lola Ester, and Tita Chit. She has been a part of the Creative Arts Team (CAT) family, from the youth theater to the artistic staff for 16 years. She is also the founder and producer of Unboxed Voices Productions which has been producing “Evening of Short Stories” and “Monologue Monday” since 2010. This production is Katherine’s first play to be produced and was inspired by her personal story, her experiences with members of New York State Youth Leadership Council and her studies at New York University as a Social Science major. She is eternally grateful for all the support and enthusiasm of those around her.

Find her at

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